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World Health Day 2017 – paying tribute to the global ’Healthcare Heroes’


As today is #worldhealthday and the theme this year is depression, Havas Lynx would like you to meet Jimmy Endicott. When Jimmy heard about a girl who ended her own life after being bullied, he wanted to design a system that allowed young people to reach out in times of need. He developed ChatHealth, a nurse-led SMS helpline service that ensures no cry for help ever goes unanswered. That’s why he’s one of their Healthcare Heroes

It’s a series of stories that celebrate exceptional individuals who are changing the way healthcare is delivered for the better and making a difference every day.

The stories feature heroes such as, Sophie de Oliveira Barata who personalises prosthetic limbs to allow amputees to celebrate their individuality, Professor Paulo Eduardo Stanga who conducted the world’s first bionic eye transplant, Marc Koska who is credited with saving the lives of over nine million people worldwide with his single-use syringe and Samantha Payne who is using the latest technology to create affordable bionic limbs.

Commenting on the Healthcare Heroes campaign, Havas Lynx Chief Executive, David Hunt, said:

“The people in this campaign are driven by passion, and so are we. During the process of putting this project together, we met some truly inspirational individuals who are out there on the ground, making a huge difference to the quality of people’s lives. We’re humbled and awe-inspired by them – and the thousands of people like them – I guess you could say this our homage to every single one.”

The stories are told across different media of a limited edition hard-back coffee table book, website and short film.

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For more information visit the Healthcare Heroes microsite or follow Havas Lynx’s Healthcare Heroes stories on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #HealthcareHeroes