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Orrin Pollard tells us how at DDB Remedy the idea is still king


We asked Orrin Pollard - Chairman/Creative Director, DDB Remedy to tell us about his new role and what his plans are;

There has been a positive change at DDB Remedy.

My role at DDB is two-fold. To firstly drive creative innovation at the agency encouraging creative and strategic bravery for both staff and clients with the sole purpose of meeting the challenges that face today’s healthcare marketers across the globe.

Secondly, to act as an ambassador for DDB Remedy and maximize its’ potential.

I have been with the DDB healthcare network for 10 years, having previously worked in consumer advertising (Collett Dickenson Pearce) and healthcare communications (Leavold Pollard Bardsley) for 19 years. In my time in ‘all things health’, I have seen many changes throughout the industry. Some good, some bad. Arguably, this is the most challenging, yet exciting time of all. Nevermore has the concept of ‘The idea is king’ been more true.

With the plethora of opportunities to engage with our target audiences at the right times and in the right places, the idea is where, as always, it all begins.

Whilst I have initiated and creatively driven an abundance of national and international award–winning global campaigns, I have also had the pleasure of mentoring and seeing many talented people come through the agency on all sides of the business and grow as a result.

Now, with digital including mobile, an integral part of the agency offering internationally, it has never been a more exciting time for DDB Remedy.

The creative and strategic potential and the talent pool throughout the agency and network is immense.

As Chairman/Creative Director at DDB, I together with the Managing Partners, shall be driving the teams forward on all fronts to ensure all of our clients’ businesses benefit from the skills and experience we have to offer.