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#MissingType is back with global campaign

Around the world, As, Bs and Os are disappearing. This year blood donor organisations from 21 countries – covering 1 billion people – are coming together for NHS Blood and Transport’s ‘Missing Type’ campaign. They are asking brands and individuals to ‘drop’ the letters of the main blood groups – As, Bs and Os from their names to show support for blood donation and register to give blood.

According to figures released by NHS Blood and Transplant, the number of new volunteers has dropped by 40 per cent since 2005.

With over 30,000 people signing up during National Blood Week last year, this year’s initiative was once again created by Engine-owned agencies WCRS, MHP and Trailor Park, and has seen a number of brands including Microsoft, Nandos and I Amsterdam participate.

Here are a few other brands who are getting involved in the blood giving drive:








To learn how to donate blood, visit here for UK locations, here for U.S. locations and here for information on donating internationally.