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IPA Pip Award for Young Talent Winners Announced


Sudler London wins Young Talent Award for campaign idea for the Elimination of Leukaemia Fund at IPA Best of Health Show

Sudler London were awarded the IPA Pip Award for Young Talent for their outstanding campaign idea for the Elimination of Leukaemia Fund (ELF) at the IPA Best of Health Show, held tonight (29 November) at Bloomsbury Ballroom.

The 2016 Pip Award, in partnership with Pimp My Cause and the ELF, challenged new creatives to raise awareness of the emotional and psychological effects experienced by blood cancer sufferers, with the goal of attracting donations and fundraising support and helping launch the ELF Mind & Body Service.


Sudler’s ‘Share Your Voice’ campaign idea demonstrates the power of the spoken word and how the ELF Mind & Body Service can give sufferers their voice back.

The campaign idea consists of a radio ad that would help hit home the emotional impact of blood cancer with a first-person account of their experience. The ad would push listeners affected by blood cancer to ‘share their voice’. They would be able to do this by recording voice clips, either of their version of the radio ad, or by sharing their story. These voice clips would be uploaded to a Google Map Layer where each voice would appear as a point on the layer, creating a location-based community of voices that shows sufferers that they are not alone. The ELF Mind & Body centres will also appear on the layer, inviting users to find out more about the service, and provide an opportunity to spread the word.

Says Elspeth Lynn, Group Creative Director at FCB Inferno, “The Pip Award provides young creatives with a wonderful opportunity to create a campaign and it was a particularly tough brief, so we were delighted to see the line-up of entries this year. Sudler London clinched the Award for a campaign which the judges thought would raise the profile of the ELF Mind & Body service and that ELF could make a reality.”

Last year’s Pip Award winners, Lime Advertising, took home the Award for their nationwide campaign to warn of the dangers of legal highs. ‘Trojan High’ was launched just after the recent blanket ban of psychoactive substances by the government. The messages were disguised in small packets called Ciao!, which were designed to mimic other highs such as black mamba and Gogaine. Whilst marketing on Facebook, online, and leafleting in targeted areas, the campaign promised to ‘open your mind and give clarity like never before’. After a short period of steadily receiving orders, The Sun, followed by The Metro, believed the campaign to be real. Ciao! subsequently made it into the national press and orders tripled, with the messages being sent out across the country.

Full details about the winners, including the creative work, can be seen at: