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Hamell secures two behaviour change wins

Fiona Picture

Hamell, has been awarded two new projects.

Fiona Hammond, Managing Director at Hamell, commented, “Changing behaviour is our business and we are pleased that the value of what we do is achieving further recognition. We have been working in this field for over 7 years, putting us at the forefront of what is an area of growing interest in the healthcare communications industry.”

Behavioural segmentation

The first of the new wins will involve the rollout of a large-scale behavioural segmentation project across the UK and Europe.

Fiona Hammond commented, “At Hamell, we passionately believe that it’s impossible to achieve sustained behaviour change unless we understand why people behave the way they do. For us, this means that behavioural segmentation of our target population – prescribers, patients, OTC consumers and payers – is essential.

“Behavioural segmentation involves identifying theoretically sound and statistically significant differentiation between groups on the basis of their behavioural drivers – what makes them the type of people they are and therefore behave the way they do.  This allows us to segment customers into behavioural types, making it possible to understand and change behaviour and improve communication around a brand by developing segment-specific messages delivered through their preferred channels. We’re excited to be applying our expertise to this new piece of work.”

Nudging for public health

The second new project will see Hamell ‘Nudging’ across Europe to promote a brand that has the potential to positively impact public health.

Working in collaboration with external experts from Cambridge University, Columbia Business School and the UK Government’s behavioural unit, Hamell will identify, create and evaluate nudges and other behavioural change strategies to increase uptake, targeting customers and HCPs at all stages of the patient journey.

Fiona added, “This is a significant piece of behavioural work with potential to feed into a whole new approach to marketing the brand and bring about important improvements in public health across Europe. We are honoured to have been selected for this worthwhile project.”