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Fingers To Diabetes by Agency 222, Quatar

Qatar has the 8th highest rate of diabetes globally where 1 in the 3 people don’t even know they have it. Most of them are too frightened to take the test because they have fear of needles. Novo Nordisk Gulf wanted to create awareness on the screening event and encourage people in Qatar to get tested.

We invited people to give a finger to diabetes on world diabetes day in exchange of their own finger portrait. Using only Facebook, we used key influencers to spread the word by changing their profile picture to their unique branded finger portraits. At the event special tents with professional artists took a photo of the fingers and created the participants finger portraits on site. These portraits were then uploaded on our microsite where people could download them as profile picture using a special link. This created an effective social media branded content through facebook users. Moreover, people were able to choose famous fingers to join them in a cover page picture.

In only 3 days, with no advertising and using only facebook as a channel, over 1500 people got screened for diabetes. A 20% increase from the year before with 10,524 website unique visits and over 50% of people taking part changed their profile pictures.

Advertising Agency: Agency 222, Doha, Qatar
Executive Creative Director: Tim Styles
Creative Director: Fergus O’Hare
Art Director: Baher Raouf
Copywriter: Muhammad El-Ayat
Illustrator: Allan Santiago