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Create Health launches Activa rebrand supporting the company’s integration into mother-brand Lohmann & Rauscher


Activa is now a fully-fledged part of Lohmann & Rauscher under the new name, L&R. Transformative healthcare marketing agency, Create Health, supported the smooth rebrand and transition which launched externally earlier this month.

Whilst the logo and brand colours will be new, the relationship between L&R and Activa isn’t. In fact, Activa has been a part of the L&R network for the past 8 years but decided to wait until now to transition the two companies into one.

L&R sought the help of Create Health to ensure the brand transition was successful and clearly communicated to internal and external audiences. The healthcare marketing agency took a bottom up approach to ensure they communicated the rebrand story from a place of knowledge.

They first performed a research campaign to understand the perceptions of internal and external audiences. After the research was conducted, Create Health devised a campaign inspired by origami. The campaign worked on two levels; welcoming internal audiences ‘into the fold’ and showing external audiences that Activa are ‘transforming’ into L&R.

A suite of rebrand collateral was produced following the campaign origami theme, including: an animation, emails, brochures and merchandise. You can view the animation here:

The assets above positioned the rebrand as a very positive change for both internal and external audiences showing it will bring a broader product range, stronger learning and support and a new office and manufacturing facilities.

Internally, the rebrand was revealed at their Winter Conference at the beginning of February and was an overwhelming success. The participants were asked to make origami hearts or butterflies, the animation was revealed and they were given conference goodie bags that included a lolly, a travel mug and a pen all branded with the ‘welcome into the fold’ strapline.

Staff were also a guide to confidently communicate the rebrand to customers and team members.

Externally, the rebrand launched on Valentine’s day when the animation took centre stage. Moving forward, there will be a media campaign distributing the news to industry publications and the reps will be using the customer brochure and animation to further explain the rebrand to their customers.

Jane Fox, Marketing Director at L&R, is pleased with the rebrand activity launched by Create Health:

“Create Health did an excellent job of communicating the rebrand story – placing our people and their research at the heart of the campaign throughout. The origami theme was great and brought all the fantastic creative produced by Create alive.”

Client Services Director of Create Health, Sam Fenwick-Smith comments:

“We needed to tell a story that was true to Activa and L&R, so the research phase was key in helping us talk from a place of knowledge. We also wanted to make sure that the rebrand story was emotive and the origami theme was perfect in regards to how we visually told the story. Also being at the conference and seeing all our collective hard work come to life was great to witness.

For more information, please visit: