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2014 Global Awards Winners Announced



In stark contrast with the recent Lions Health in he United States was in the lead this year with US agencies earning 11 Global Awards. Agencies in the spotlight include: Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness New York with 4 Global Awards for “Street Fare” for client Crossroads Community; Aeras Rockville was honored with 2 Global Awards, for “EXPOSED Chapter 1: The Global Epidemic” and “Undermined” both for Aeras.  The following agencies each earned Global Awards: Badami and Associates San Diego “Stories of The Sharp Experience, Episode 12” for Sharp HealthCare; Digitas Health LifeBrands Philadelphia “Help Stop The Virus” for Gilead Sciences; Energy BBDO Chicago “Beauty is Bone Deep” for Citracal; FCB Health New York “No Celebrities” for client National Organization of Rare Disorders (NORD); and GSW Worldwide New York “Turn Type One into Type None: Believe” for client JDRF.

Global Award winning Integrated Campaigns took center stage, creatively engaging audiences for the benefit of brands and causes, including: Saatchi & Saatchi Australia “Listen to your mouth” for Listen to your mouth (GSK oral health); Ogilvy & Mather Brazil for both “Tattoo Skin Cancer Check” for Sol de Janeiro/Corporate and “Bald Cartoons” for client GRAACC; and Grey Group Singapore for “Water Eye Performance” for GlaxoSmithKline/Eye Mo.

Two Singapore agencies scored multiple Global Awards for their creative campaigns: Grey Group Singapore was honored with 6 Global Awards, in addition to the Grand Global Award. Campaigns include: “MOVE – Human Calligraphy” for client Panadol Joint earning three Global Awards and “Water Eye Performance” and “A Moment of Beauty” for client GlaxoSmithKline/Eye Mo. McCann Health was in the winner’s circle with 2 Global Awards for “Red Cross Connection” and “Red Cross Connection: How A Share Can Save Lives” for client Singapore Red Cross.

Australia and the United Kingdom tied this year, each earning 7 Global Awards. United Kingdom based Langland was honored with 3 for “Timone & Clara” for the Cerebral Palsy Paediatric Clinical Study. UK agencies earning Global Awards:  Frontera London “Little Miss Fearless Takes Flight” for client Kalydeco; PAN “The People behind the Targets” for client Januvia; Real Science Communications “The Boy I Used to Know’ for client Takeda; and TBWA Paling Walters “INPUT Campaign” for client INPUT.

Australian agencies earned top honors this year with 7 Global Awards: GHG Australia “Dr Gordon Oogle” for GHG; Marketforce “A Healthy Body Can Do Amazing Things (TV)” for client HBF Insurance; McCann Health for “Sarah” and “Hardly Notice” both for client Simponi; Saatchi & Saatchi “Listen to your mouth” for Listen to your mouth (GSK oral health); and Ward6 “Check in with your lungs” for Lung Foundation Australia.

German agencies scored 5 Global Awards: Serviceplan Health and Life earned a total of 3 Global Awards for “Life Time Clock” for client Fürs Leben – Für Organspende For Life – For organ-donations; Bayer AG was honored with a Global Award for “Bayer Anniversary Tour 2013” for Bayer AG; and Pink Carrots Communications for “We Won’t Leave You in a Stitch” for client Ortoton.

Agencies from China, Denmark, India and Ireland each earned a single Global Award: McCannHealth China “See the Effect” for client Suntory Black Oolong Tea; REPUTATION Denmark for “Azilect Mode-of-Action” for client Azilect; Nirvana Films India “The Smile” for Indian Orthodontic Society; and Firecrest Clinical (a division of ICON plc) for “Firecrest Through The Body.

The 2014 Global Awards Grand and Executive Juries honored award-winners from 18 countries on 5 continents with 2 Grand Global Awards, 41 Global Awards and 117 Finalist Certificates.

The 2014 Global Awards New York City celebration was held at Helen Mills Event Space & Theater. In honor of the Global Awards 20-year anniversary, a special Global Awards graphic mural celebrating “Creative Globalization” was unveiled during the awards presentation. The mural was created by artist Alexis Wuyts, Multimedia Designer at The CementBloc under the creative direction of Elizabeth Elfenbein, Creative Leader and Partner at The Cementbloc. This year, based on recommendations from the Global Awards Executive Committee, trophies were presented to award-winners by young creative directors from prominent Healthcare & Wellness agenices.

Healthcare & Wellness agencies in Australia’s celebrated the Global Award winners for the 7th year in a row. The Global Awards  and Bravo!, a committee of Australian healthcare professionals with representation from healthcare agencies and the Communications Council of Australia hosted the Sydney, Australia Global Awards ceremony on Thursday, November 13th  at The Crystal Ballroom Paddington, NSW. Australia

The 2014 Global Awards competition received entries from healthcare corporations, hospitals, advertising agencies, production companies and design studies that produce communications for medical, pharmaceutical and healthcare related products and services. All entries submitted were judged by the Global Awards Grand and Executive Juriescomprised of international industry experts, representing the top creative minds in the field of healthcare advertising.

To view the Global Award winner’s showcase and to hear comments by the 2014 Global Awards winners and Juries visit: